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Six Week Early Morning Meditation Course

Christian non-violence is based on God’s call to us to become peacemakers. In this course we will be using Thomas Merton’s essay entitled “Blessed Are The Meek” as our guide to examine the national and world wide addiction to violence and death. We will nurture the roots of non-violence in ourselves as we discover our ability to become people of non-violence “down to the root of our souls.” We will also learn how meditation rewires our brain for peace, love and compassion.


This beginning meditation /mindfulness program will be offered for six consecutive weeks. The rate is $10 per class or $50 for the six weeks.


Just as different physical disciplines work for different body types, it is the same with meditation. In this program you will be exposed to six different meditation practices. The following prayer practices will be offered: Lectio Divina (Sacred scripture reading), The Breath Prayer, The Jesus Prayer (Prayer of the Heart), Guided Imagery Using Sacred Scripture, Christian Meditation and Centering Prayer.


Each class will begin with breathwork and include a teaching and a meditation. The theme for the six weeks is training on how to become non-reactive and non-violent. In addition to Thomas Merton’s essay we will use the stories and teachings of Jesus, Ghandi and the Buddha.


Please send venmo to Susan-Boruff. If you do not have venmo please reach out to

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