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Advent Retreat: You Have Found Favor with God

“But the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.’”
Luke 1:30

If you struggle with Fear and Anxiety, this is the morning retreat for you! Just as God found favor with Mary, he has found favor with each of us. You have found favor with God. These were the words that the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary. Perhaps Mary’s first response was fear or anxiety. A visit by an angel of the Lord probably wasn’t what she was expecting that day!  And yet Mary said YES. She said yes to God’s command. God’s grace overshadowed her fears and she said YES. Perhaps God knew what was in Mary’s heart and knew that her heart was prepared to receive the gift He was giving her and the rest of the world. What stops us from saying yes to God? Could it be our own inadequacies, anxieties or our fears?  How do we trust and say yes to God as Mary did? This Advent, join us in learning how sitting in silence and listening for God can help transform your fears and create an open, receptive heart. The Lord is coming, is your heart ready to receive? The following topics and experiences are included:


  1. You will learn and experience two meditation practices.

  2. Through examining Mary’s fears, you will have the opportunity to examine your own fears.

  3. You will learn how meditation changes the wiring in your brain.

  4. You will experience a safe environment to share with others.


This on-line retreat will be offered on Saturday, December 12th from 9am to 12pm, 20-minute break for $35.

**Please email me at for other payment options.

*Please choose PayPal Checkout when you purchase. You can sign into your PayPal account to pay or if you don't have an account choose pay with debit or credit card and enter your information, thank you.*

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