Take Twelve Minutes Today to Learn
the Art of Listening for God

An Advent Retreat: Surrender Your Heart to God

An Advent Retreat: Surrender Your Heart to God
For the place where you stand is Holy Ground.  Exodus 3:1-5
Just as the innkeeper made room for Mary and Joseph to bring Christ into the world, this Advent you are invited to “overturn the kingdom of self and make room for the Kingdom of God.”  When we surrender our hearts to God, we make room for Jesus to become ALIVE, to be reborn, in our hearts.
David Benner in his book, “Surrender to Love,” describes Jesus as coming to show us the character of God.  Surrendering to this God, who shows us unconditional love, offers us the possibility of freedom from guilt, freedom from effort to earn God’s love and approval and freedom to genuinely love God and others as The Father loves us.
He tells us the only message God has for us is “I Love You.”  And he speaks this through everything.
If you could truly hear this message in everything by cultivating stillness and learning how to listen, it would be easier to surrender all that we are to this God of love.
In this Advent retreat we will explore and experience the following:
1.        Learn skills and practices that help us to “let go” and surrender.
2.        Two Christian meditation practices:  Lectio divina and Guided imagery.
3.       What does a surrendered heart look like?
4.       What happens to our brain when we meditate?
5.        How our “energy centers” become blocked and affect our ability to surrender.
Join us this Advent as we leave the busyness of our lives behind and learn the art of listening for God.
Former participants have reported:
·         I came to this program to cleanse my mind and to breathe in new life.  This was perfect for that.  I also appreciate the extras:  reading resources, books, visuals, handouts.
·          I came in with my own idea of what I wanted or thought I needed for improvement in discipline with my life, but during today many new insights and openings for growth, learning, and relationship were revealed.
·         Lectio Divina and Guided Imagery practices allowed me to put myself and my thoughts aside to let go of distractions temporarily and hear what God wanted me to hear about my relationship with Him.
·          I learned that when we surrender our whole hearts, then God can pour in and enlarge us and enable us to fulfill his command to LOVE.