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A Weekend Retreat: Learning to Let Go Gracefully

A Weekend Retreat:  Learning to Let Go Gracefully- An Invitation to Explore Our Fears

For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness, but of power and love and discipline.”  2Timothy 1:7
God’s plan for us is not to live in fear and yet we do.  Our fear of not being “good enough” keeps us from leading a “grace-filled” life that God has planned for each and every one of us.  If we are truthful with ourselves we will discover that many opportunities have slipped through our hands because we could not imagine “putting ourselves out there!”  Whether it’s leading a Bible Study, learning how to have a deeper relationship with God, running for a leadership position in the church or asking for a raise at work. 
We have convinced ourselves that we are not worthy.  This is what our mind tells us.   And day after day we feed this thought with “like” thoughts, until we feel unloved, undervalued, and distant from others, our self and God. 
You may say, that’s not me, I’m not that bad.   The disturbing truth is that we don’t even realize that we are feeding this negative behavior.  Psychoanalyst Carl Jung tells us that 70% of our daily behavior is driven by our subconscious.   We are walking around like robots, automatically, using old operating programs. 
It’s time to access NEW OPERATING PROGRAMS and we can do that best with God’s help.  God wired our brain for change.  And when we sit in silence and wait on God, God works quietly within us creating new brain circuitry that allows us to have more love, courage and compassion.  You’ve heard “perfect love casts out fear”? (1John 4:18) This is how change begins.  Ask yourself the question, “What is God inviting me to, through my fear?” In this retreat we will examine our fears and learn where we can grow and deepen our LOVE relationship with God.
In this retreat:
1.     You will learn how to listen while learning and practicing three Christian meditations.
2.     You will learn how fear and anxiety can lead to “dis- ease” and in-action.
3.     You will explore your own fears
4.     You will learn and share in a safe environment.
5.     You will take away a plan for dealing with your fears for life.