Take Twelve Minutes Today to Learn
the Art of Listening for God

The Art Of Listening for God


The Art of Listening for God:  An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer

Psalm 48:9  "Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love.

Are you yearning for stillness in your life?  Is God calling you to a deeper prayer life?  If so, come join us in this introductory program to contemplative practices, to experience God in prayer in a new way.  Contemplative prayer is a prayer of silence, a prayer of stillness where one acknowledges God's indwelling presence.  In this silence, we learn to listen for God.  Although this way of being with God may be new to some of us, it is an ancient prayer described in the new and old testaments and practiced during the first 16 centuries of Christianity.  It is enjoying a resurgence now.
During this workshop and retreat, you will learn that the practice of contemplation begins with our attention and our bodies.  You will learn skills and practices that help you let go and focus your attention on God.  You will learn to value silence as it teaches us how to be present to each other and God without judgment, commentary or our tendency to "fix."

The following topics and experiences are included:

1.  You will learn and experience two Christian meditation practices.

2.  You will explore Christianity's rich history of meditation/contemplation.

3.  You will discover how meditation changes the wiring in our brains.

4.  You will learn the difference between meditation and contemplation.

5.  You will experience a safe environment to openly share with others.

This retreat is designed for the beginner to Christian meditation and to those who are open to creating a welcoming space in their hearts and minds for God's presence and for developing a deeper awareness of God's unfailing love.

Former participants reported:

  • I liked the breathing meditation time the best.
  • The meditation practices were beneficial.
  • Learning these practices in community was very helpful.
  • This program reinforced a regular practice of meditation.